CURiOS iOS Musikmagazin #17 – Musik produzieren am iPad


Von Rodrigo Roman
Gratis, iTunes
Funktion: MIDI-Sequencer


iTunes Beschreibung (Auszug):
sequencism is a music sketchbook tool that allows the creation of short and simple pieces of music. It is designed to provide a traditional user interface of track and piano roll editors, while taking advantage of the touch-screen capabilities of the iPad. It also includes other helper tools, such as chord helper tracks.

Note that the main goal of this app is to work as a sketchbook, thus it is not recommended to use sequencism to produce complex songs or to play songs live on stage.


• Simple track mixer and visual mixer (volume, pan)
• Multitrack editor: MIDI instrument tracks, chord helper tracks
• Support for SF2* and AUv3 instruments (*lightweight SF2 files only)
• AUv3 Effects
• Piano roll editor: add, move, copy notes within blocks
• MIDI keyboard, supports multiple scales, including user-defined scales
• Support for diatonic and chromatic chords
• Automatic transposing when changing chords or scales
• Supports Audiobus 3 and Ableton Link
• Support for MIDI keyboards, including Bluetooth keyboards
• Export to MIDI

AUv3 instruments requires iPad Mini 2, iPad 4 or newer.

Brusfri , AU

Von Klevgränd produkter AB
7,99 €, iTunes
59,99€ VST/ AU /AAX
Funktion: Rauschunterdrückungs-Plug-in


iTunes Beschreibung (Auszug):
IMPORTANT! Brusfri is currently AUv3 only, which means it won’t work in stand alone mode. It must be used as a Plug-in with GarageBand, Cubasis, Auria, AUM, AudioBus 3 (not AudioBus 2) or any AUv3 compatible host. If you’re not sure what AUv3 is, do not buy this app.

Brusfri* is a highly advanced audio noise reducer, packed into a simple and straight-forward interface. It is very well suited for cleaning up noisy audio recordings, while retaining sound quality. Unlike many other noise reducers on the market, Brusfri doesn’t mess with audio phasing to suppress noise (a technique that often comes with audible side effects). Instead, multiple fine-tuned gates are used to silence unwanted noise.

*Brusfri means „Noise free“ in Swedish.

CURiOS Kommmentar: Was die Software für das Geld leistet, ist jenseits von erstaunlich. Es vermindert zwar nur das Hintergrundgrauschen einer akustischen Aufnahme, darin wildert es aber in Qualitätsliga von Sonnox und iZotope.

Axon 2

Von Audio Damage, Inc.
4,49 €, iTunes
VST, AU, AAX $59
Funktion: Drum-Synth-Sequencer

Axon 2

iTunes Beschreibung (Auszug):

Axon 2 is a drum synth driven by artificial intelligence. (Well, „intelligence“ might be a strong word. Artificial something-or-other.) An experimental instrument, Axon uses a modified artificial neural network as a sequencer, and features seven FM-based percussion voices, that are really a single 18-operator FM voice.

If that sounds weird, you ain’t seen nothing yet. It is surprisingly intuitive once you get the knack of it, and is capable of all-new, complex rhythms that repeat in surprising ways. It often gets referenced as a „random sequence generator,“ but there is nothing random in Axon; it is entirely determinative.

The sequencer features seven „neurons“ that trigger a voice and send a pulse when they have received a predetermined number of pulses. You can wire the output of any neuron to the input of any other (with built-in loop detection to prevent runaway feedback), and in this manner pre-program the artificial neural network without having to go through a „learning“ phase.

The seven individual drum voices, each triggered by its attendant neuron, are 2-operator FM voices in a configuration to best make percussion sounds, with additional FM and AM busses that all voices send to and receive from. Each voice has a HPF, distortion circuit, and white noise generator to provide a full range of percussion-oriented voicing individually, while interacting with each other in new and unique ways.

Quantum Sequencer

Von anthony saunders
6,99 €, iTunes
Funktion: MIDI-Sequencer

Quantum Sequencer

iTunes Beschreibung (Auszug):
Quantum is a performance midi sequencer which approaches music composition with an interactive creation processes – sometimes referred to as ’noodling‘.

Where pattern or piano-role sequencers are good for music forms (intro/verse/chorus etc) or grid entry, Quantum’s approach is built around the idea of a step being the focus – think of the step as a single note or chord written on a music sheet then add a lot of extra notation (like probability of playing or ornamentation say).

These highly detailed steps are then aligned into sequences (think melodies) that loop. You can have any length up to 64, but these can be further split into 4 sub-sequences that have their own set of sequencer parameters (like tempo, play direction, transpose etc).

To enter step parameters such as note pitch, velocity, gated length etc, 16 general faders are available which allow you to draw, drag, select copy/paste, inc/dec & link together to edit values. These are also midi learnable (midi cc or nrpn) to allow you to use control surfaces or midi controllers.

To aid you with faster control Quantum has loop actions which you can program in to carry out tasks when a sequence loops – e.g. transpose, randomise, start or load another sequence etc.

With up to 24 sequences playing Quantum introduces a mixer page allowing you to blend midi velocities. Built on the MidiSequencer engine, midi FX, devices & Controllers are now possible per sequence.

So why would Quantum be good for your setup? There are many midi enabled IOS & hardware synths that produce exotic timbres if you send them fast & varied midi controls that you just would not hear with keyboard playing or slow tempo tunes. Also, Quantum, embraces experimentation in melody creation and by copy/pasting allowing quick setup of arpeggios & counterpoint tunes that you can create & manipulate on the fly!

VirtualRoom AU

Von MN Signal Processing
5,49 €, iTunes
Funktion: Raumakustik-Plug-in

Virtual Room AU

iTunes Beschreibung (Auszug):
This application simulates the acoustics of a room and reproduces the sound signals for the two ears of a virtual listener inside the room. Listening to these signals using headphones gives the impression of being inside the room at the position of the listener. Please note that without headphones connected to your iOS device, this app may lead to unpleasant feedback noise.

When run for the first time, this application will install an Audio Unit v3 App Extension that can be used in various third party applications.

The sound sources take their signals from the left and right input channels (coming from a microphone, Inter-App Audio, or the AUv3 host application) and can be moved in real time by dragging the loudspeaker symbols on the screen. The listener can be moved by dragging the head symbol. Alternatively, sliders can be used to set the positions (including along the vertical Z dimension), as well as source gains and the listener azimuth.

The simulated acoustic environment can be chosen from three different rooms with different sizes.

Beat Machine – Audio Sequencer

Von Vaytricks
Gratis, iTunes
Funktion: Groovebox
1. Buy All Packs 01 – 5,49 €
2. Synths and Tones 01 – 1,09 €


iTunes Beschreibung (Auszug):
The Beat Machine is a completely modular application for making music beats. With it you can effortlessly compose full length songs and then modify and control every aspect to easily produce audio sequences.

The Beat Machine’s features include

-Auto generation of patterns for many different music genres
-Sequentially organize patterns into full length songs.
-Use the default samples or import your own
-Export full length songs into lossless Wav files
-Full file I/O system to manage projects and files
-Audio visualizer
-Complete audio effects panel to further customize the sound
-Export songs through iTunes file sharing

The Beat Machine was built to allow music sequencing to be easy to understand while also being powerful. We hope you enjoy the Beat Machine and we look forward to what you can make.


Von Alexey Nadzharov
7,99 €, iTunes
Funktion: Granular-Sampler-Looper


iTunes Beschreibung (Auszug):
’soundfruuze‘ is an exprerimental live sampler / looper / granular and FFT scrub effect

It records live the recent 10 seconds of audio and allows you to manipulate it with special controls.
The interface is divided into five “lanes”, sound is produced by touching the lanes.
Each lane can be set up to use different effect and has various control parameters mapped to the touch position:

Granular Freeze
Granular Scrub
Granular Stream
FFT Freeze and FFT Scrub
FFT Looper

Each lane has also five effects:
– Frequency shifter
– Ring modulation
– Sample-and-hold (“ lo-fi“)
– HP/LP filter
– Reverb

Midiflow Motion (Audiobus3-Plug-in)
Von Johannes Doerr
2,29 €, iTunes
Funktion: Audiobus-MIDI-Plug-in

Midiflow Motion

iTunes Beschreibung (Auszug):
Mit dieser MIDI-Sender-App für Audiobus 3 kannst du Effekt-Parameter von anderen Apps steuern, wie es kein Touch-Screen ersetzten kann – durch Bewegung des Geräts. Setze einen beliebigen MIDI-Befehl als Ausgabe, zum Beispiel Lautstärke oder Modulation, und optimiere den Bewegungsbereich, den du verwenden willst. Du kannst sogar mehrere Effekte gleichzeitig steuern.

+ Nutze die Drehung um die X- oder Y-Achse
+ Passe den Bewegungsbereich an, den du für die Steuerung verwenden willst
+ Passe den Bereich der Ausgabewerte an
+ Sende beliebige MIDI-Befehle (z.B. Pitch-Bend, Control Changes wie Lautstärke oder Modulation, und sogar benutzerdefinierte MIDI-Messages)
+ Steuere mehrere Parameter und/oder mehrere Synth-Apps gleichzeitig, indem du die Apps mehrfach in Audiobus einfügst

HINWEIS: Diese App erfordert Audiobus 3. Füge sie in einen oder mehrere MIDI-Sender-Ports ein, um die Synth-Apps in den MIDI-Output-Ports der zugehörigen Pipelines zu steuern.


Von Savelii Kaliupanov
2,29 €, iTunes
Funktion: Verzerungseffekt


iTunes Beschreibung (Auszug):
This app is another part of Self-a-Fuzz, but this time it’s final module of SaF’s chain – Overdriver.
Effect consists of 4 different distortions and Lowpass filter.

BOOGY, WOOGY and FUZZY is about to overdrive, to clip and to square-ise your input. BUZZY is the bit-crusher with muzzy as parameter.

This is distortion effect with ability to randomise portions of overdrivers to bring flow and unpredictable changes in effect.

You can save your setup in preset to recall later.

Go to my site to learn more and watch video-demonstration.

Features summary:
-Four distortions in one
-Audiobus and IAA
-Presets to learn and save your own
-Universal app
-Horizontal and vertical layout

Xequence | MIDI Workstation

Von Seven Systems Cross-Platform Media Limited
5,49 €, iTunes
Funktion: MIDI-Sequencer


iTunes Beschreibung (Auszug):
Xequence is an advanced linear MIDI Sequencer and Keyboard / Controller for iPhone and iPad.

NOTE: This app does not produce any sound by itself! It is meant to control OTHER apps or hardware via MIDI!


– Efficient User Interface for an amazing editing workflow on a mobile device
– Scale-aware Keyboard and Pianoroll Editor: All modules and functions observe the current instrument’s scale
– 16 scales included
– Extremely tight, best-in-class MIDI timing
– 100% accurate song looping, no dropouts/jitter at loop points
– Robust controller (CC) handling with backtracing (inside parts)
– Supports any time signature and BPM
– MIDI In and Thru with re-channelization and re-routing to currently selected instrument
– MIDI Sync Master (Clock/Start/Stop/Continue/SPP) – other DAWs or pattern sequencers can run in accurate sync with Xequence, e.g. to use audio tracks, or an external drum machine. Several modes for maximum compatibility
– Works perfectly with e.g. AUM or Gadget as hosts / sound generators, with drum sequencers like Ruismaker, or with Beatmaker 2 for synced audio tracks

VirtualForest, AU

Von MN Signal Processing
3,49 €, iTunes
Funktion: Raumakustik-Plug-in

Virtual Forest

iTunes Beschreibung (Auszug):
With VirtualForest you can create your own binaural audio! Even directly within your favorite audio workstation app, thanks to the bundled AUv3 Plug-in.

This application simulates the acoustics of a forest and reproduces the sound signals for the two ears of a virtual listener inside the forest. Listening to these signals using headphones gives the impression of being inside the forest at the position of the listener. Please note that without headphones connected to your iOS device, this app may lead to unpleasant feedback noise.

When run for the first time, this application will install an Audio Unit v3 App Extension that can be used in various third party applications.

The sound sources take their signals from the left and right input channels (coming from a microphone, Inter-App Audio, or the AUv3 host application) and can be moved in real time by dragging the loudspeaker symbols on the screen. The listener can be moved by dragging the head symbol. Alternatively, sliders can be used to set the positions (including along the vertical Z dimension), as well as source gains and the listener azimuth.

SNAP – School Edition

Von Reactable Systems SL
Gratis, iTunes
– Enable MIDI functionality – 4,49 €
– Enable Save – 4,49 €
School-Edition 8,99 €, iTunes
Funktion: Drum-Sequencer


iTunes Beschreibung (Auszug):
From music producers to casual users, SNAP will help you create great drum patterns in any musical style, on the fly, with your fingertips.

SNAP can also help you in the studio, by providing seamless variations of your patterns, under your complete interactive control. Program or load drum patterns, store your favorite variations, and export them to your DAW, all on a continuous and free-flowing loop/fashion.

SNAP is also a powerful tool for your live sessions, providing you with subtle or radical changes, from sudden drops to ecstatic crescendos, all fully and instantaneously controllable under your fingertips.

SNAP can communicate with your music apps, drum machines, DAWs and other musical equipment via MIDI OUT and Ableton Link. SNAP’s full integration with Native Instrument’s Maschine Jam, allows it to communicate bidirectionally to become its “drumming brain”. Compatibility with other control devices will be rolled-out progressively.

Lo-Fly Dirt

Von MSXII Sound Design
5,49 €, iTunes


iTunes Beschreibung (Auszug):
An audio coloration utility plug-in featuring individual modes for classic emulation of some iconic music production tools. This tool is meant to bring character, or „dirt“ to your incoming audio signals.

Lo-Fly Dirt installs as an Audio Unit effect for hosts that support the format such as Audio Bus, Beatmaker 3, Garage Band, Cubasis, AUM, etc.
Default Mode
60 Mode
404 Mode
1200 Mode
SK- 5 Mode
8 Bit Mode


Von Rob Jackson
3,49 €, iTunes
Funktion: Generativer Klangerzeuger, Rompler


iTunes Beschreibung (Auszug):
Guitarscaper is a generative music app and virtual instrument that’s easy on the ears and fun to play. Launch the app, and with a single tap of the auto-play button, guitarscaper will create evolving and ambient guitar-based soundscapes that are unique every time.

While all of the guitarscaper sounds originated from a single electric guitar, many have been extensively processed to create an “impossible guitar” that can morph between orchestral-type swells and ethereal choir-like sounds. Think of it as guitar DNA taken to the next level!

Guitarscaper in auto-play mode is the perfect companion for relaxing, studying or providing non-intrusive headphone music at work or on your commute. You can even set a timer so you can fall asleep to its gentle and soothing tones.

You can also play guitarscaper as a virtual instrument using the dedicated keypads and performance loop recorders, and tailor the sounds with built-in reverb, delay and “character” effects parameters. And while you’re playing, guitarscaper can lend a hand by adding auto-accompaniment parts and even provides hints for notes it thinks might sound good depending on which notes you play!

EGSY01 Lite – Analog Synth

Von Elliott Garage
Gratis, iTunes
In-App-Käufe: EGSY01 Full Version 7,99 €
Funktion: VA-Synthesizer


iTunes Beschreibung (Auszug):
ElliottGarage presents EGSY01 analog synth v2.0, featuring InterApp audio, CoreMIDI, Audiobus and much more!
Please note: this is an evaluation version that needs in-App purchase to unlock all the functionalities.

With EGSY01 you can create sounds without any limit, from modern ones to vintage analog ones, working with arpeggiator, step sequencer and FM, addictive and subtractive synthesis .
The totally brand new audio engine generate your sound mixing 2 oscillators with 4 selectable waveforms, and you can watch the sound created on the oscilloscope screen.

You can set the sounds through the panels „Oscillators“, „ADSR/LFO“, „FM“, „FX“ and „Settings“, and play with any master keyboard or MIDI controller (CORE MIDI), or creating a wireless MIDI network, or again sending the audio signal to other apps with InterApp audio or AUDIOBUS.

iMPC Pro 2
Von Akai Professional / Retronyms
27,99 €, iTunes
Funktion: Groovebox

iMPC Pro 2

iTunes Beschreibung (Auszug):
iMPC Pro 2 fuses innovative song creation with the iconic MPC workflow. iMPC Pro gave us a powerful sampler and beatmaker, and now iMPC Pro 2 has evolved into a full fledged song creation tool with the addition of vocal tracks, Audio Units integration, a sleek new design and tons of new features!

Elastic FX
7,99 €, iTunes
Funktion: Muliteffekt

Elastic FX

iTunes Beschreibung (Auszug):
EFX is a 4 channels multi-effect processor, that’s easy and intuitive to play, but offers complex options to shape the sound and to route the audio effects stream.

Connect EFX to any input source, like the devices built in microphone, an external keyboard or guitar (iPad soundcard needed) or to your favorite iOS drum machine or synthesizer via Inter-App Audio or Audiobus. Or import a soundfile into the app and alienate it with with up to 4 different effects at the same time!


– Multi-effect app created by the developers of Elastic Drums
– 4 effect units with different routing options
– Choose one of 32 available stereo effects in each effect unit
– Broad range of different effects of the following categories: Modulation, Pitch, Distortion, Filter, Delay, Reverb, Others
– Additional master effect section with level meters, 3 band equalizer, compressor, stutter fx
– XY-Pad to easily control the most important effect values (Kaoss Pad style)
– Possibility to automate/record the XY-Pad tweaks (1,2,4,8 bars length)
– Automated tweaks and some effects (PingPong Delay) get played in sync via Ableton Link/Inter-App Audio
– Audiobus 3 support
– Inter-App Audio support
– Simple audio player to test the effects with audiofiles
– Tweak the most important parameters via Midi, Midi learn option
– Switch user-presets with Midi Program Change messages
– Save, load and share user presets

  1. Profilbild

    app store: ‚Brusfri can be used in two ways, either standalone or as a AUv3 plug-in.‘

    und es funktioniert ziemlich gut. ich bin beeindruckt.

  2. Profilbild

    Hallo Markus, danke für die 17 Curios IOS Magazine. Ich weiß die viele Arbeit zu schätzen.
    Noch ein Tipp: In der Aufstellung fehlt ein
    exzellenter, kostenloser Synth.
    FM Player Classic DX Synths, erschienen am
    07.12. Ein must have.
    Freue mich auf die nächste Curios Ausgabe.
    Gruß vprojects

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