Interview: Cuckoo, YouTube-Body – English Version

11. März 2017

And Now for Something Completely Different

These days nobody is reading printed manuals anymore. Instead it seems that YouTube has become the best way to learn new things. Therefore it is now also an important part of every musicians’ daily life.

When I was searching for a tutorial to learn more about my new ELEKTRON-Trio, I stumbled upon the videos of a guy named Cuckoo and was instantly quite enthusiastic about them, because he does his tutorials in a very special and natural way. Cuckoo takes the time he needs to explain and while he is talking, he stages himself by looking at the viewer though a little mirror.

I instantly knew that this guy would be a very interesting dialogue partner and it emerged that he was far more than that.

Hello Cuckoo, you attracted our attention because of your awesome tutorials on YouTube.
How did it happen that you have decided to produce tutorials?

Hey there. Thanks for getting in touch. It started out by the sheer joy of sharing my excitement for new synths. Basically I was just fiddling around and putting little snippets on YouTube. But when I did that with the OP-1, there was an unprecedented level of positive response in the comments. I kept going. An old friend of mine told me a few days ago that I’ve always had an urge for sharing knowledge and teaching amongst my friends. I’ve never realised it. It’s natural to me to share knowledge.

Tell us, where do you live and what else do you do in your live?

I’m living in Oslo, Norway. I guess you could call me a Norwegian by now, although I’m still a Swedish citizen. Most of the time I’m working with my Cuckoo stuff. Making patches for synths. Covering interesting music trade fairs. Creating tutorials and as of this year I will start releasing more tracks.
I have been working as a visual artist, animation director, animator for many years. But since 2016, when I finished an animated short (that is now playing in select festivals) I have gained enough supporters to be full time Cuckoo.

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