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I don't like to react to this article, because I think reviewers should be free to give (negative) comments without manufacturers trying to dispute this all the time. But in this case, I think a unnecessary negative image is built of the Modor NF-1. 1. The sound example of the amplified noise shows a clear 50Hz AC electricity hum. This is absolutely not present in the audio output of the NF-1. Maybe there was some noise picked up from other sources while doing the tests? 2. Some of the demo's on our website are recorded through the line-in input of an old laptop, a few others with a rather cheap handheld recorder. It's clear that their sound quality will be lower than the live output of the NF-1. Please, listen to them as examples of the type of sounds the NF-1 can make, not of the final audio quality. 3. The atrocious noise examples of the so-called "zipper noise" are in fact sounds in which the delay time/feedback has been modulated by ... noise! It's quite clear that this will produce a lot of noise. The CS4334 is indeed an all-round simple-but-decent D/A-converter, and the analog signal route has been kept as short as possible to avoid noise being picked up. The result is a clear output signal comparable to most other synths, and with less noise than most analog synths. But indeed, better (and more expensive) D/A-convertors do exist.
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