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Test: Roland SH-01a, VA-Synthesizer

am 06.10.2017 22:27 Uhr
Hi Toby, Die Bassline in Just An Illusion kam nicht vonTB 303.Der Song wurde Jan/Feb, 82 produziert. TB 303 kam erst im Herbst 82 auf den Markt. Der Bass wurde per Hand auf Roland SH 1000 eingespielt. It was a Roland SH-1000, a Boss Chorus pedal and a DBX 160 compressor. From Tony Swain, the man who played the bass, himself; "There has been much speculation about this subject but as I also played and recorded the bass lines it is time to put the record straight! The Bass was played using an early Roland SH1000 made in the late 70's This was originally designed to sit on top of a Hammond Organ so it looked like one! This was a monophonic synth but would play two octaves at once so using a combination of square and sine waves an octave apart combined with a lot of wrestling with a portamento switch to get the slides this is how the bass lines were done. No sequencer was used at all on the bass lines just a lot of sweat and keeping time which was helped by me also being a drummer! The synth was recorded through a Boss chorus guitar pedal (blue type) and then compressed a lot through a studio dbx160 a really great vintage compressor.
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