Top News: Focusrite ISA Two, Classic dual-mono, transformer-based mic preamp

Focusrite ISA Two

20. März 2012




Focusrite ISA Two Launched

 Classic dual-mono, transformer-based mic preamp with +80dB gain

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Focusrite has introduced the ISA Two, the latest addition to the ISA family of premium mic preamps and audio processors. The ISA Two is a dual-mono, transformer-based microphone preamplifier that features two of Focusrite’s classic premium ISA-range mic/line/instrument preamps, each capable of providing an astonishing +80dB of clean gain.

Each channel has switchable balanced insert points, variable high-pass filter and variable input impedance, which allows you to get the very best results from any microphone.


The ISA (Input Signal Amplifier) microphone preamplifier — featuring the Lundahl LL1538 input transformer and bespoke Zobel network filter — has remained essentially unchanged and at the heart of every ISA Series product and of course the famous Focusrite Forté and Studio consoles since the 1980’s. It has contributed to the signature sound of many hit records across the past four decades. Now ISA Two becomes the latest installment in this famous legacy.

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Key features:

  • Two ISA series transformer-based mic preamplifiers – Based around the Lundahl LL1538 transformer, they each provide +80dB of clean gain.
  • Variable cutoff high-pass filter
18dB/Octave high-pass filter  – with continuously variable cutoff from 16Hz to 420Hz.
  • Selectable input impedance – Four input impedance settings, to bring out the best in any microphone.
  • Separate instrument & line inputs – Professional, great-sounding DI inputs on the front panel. TRS Line inputs on the back.
  • Dedicated, switchable per-channel insert point – For connecting outboard audio processors.
  • Eight-step LED meters – To provide accurate visual feedback: can be calibrated using rear-panel controls.

ISA Two is ideal for those making high-quality stereo recordings or for those wishing to add a pair of studio-grade mic preamps to their system. Each preamp can supply a class-leading 80dB of incredibly clean, low-noise gain, with variable input impedance options allowing you to get the best from any type of microphone. ISA Two can accept mic, line or instrument inputs, meaning it really can become the front end to your DAW.

Each channel has comprehensive gain and trim controls, and switches for engaging phantom power, phase invert, the balanced insert points, and the high-pass filter. Metering is provided by a pair of eight-step LED arrays, which provide visual status on your signal, while a calibration knob on the rear panel enables you to line up your analogue level to your A-D converters.


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