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To assist with the dancing round the maypole here at HS Towers in the UK today (Monday 7th – a public holiday here), Drumbox is available throughout May at half price and is now priced at £15. To remind you of Drumbox…

Hundreds and hundreds of samples from 55 drum machines from the last couple of decades which can be mixed and matched, balanced, panned, tuned and layered, muted, solo’d and also assigned to mute groups for exclusive triggering (e.g. for hi-hats, open and closed triangles, etc.).

Unique to DrumBox are the PRESENCE and MUTILATE controls on each channel.

1_drumbox FX.png

With one simple control, PRESENCE adds a progressive hint of EQ, compression and saturation to add ‚punch‘ to the sound while similarly, MUTILATE reduces sample rate and bit depth for lo-fi goodness (or awfulness depending on your point of view!).

Any channel can be assigned to any MIDI note and when two or more MIDI notes are the same, the samples are automatically layered to create BIG, powerful drum sounds.


This then passes to a multi-effects chain comprising amp and cab simulation, EQ, echo and convolved reverb featuring a wide range of custom impulses from springs to rooms and halls and massive ambiences…

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