Interview: Kebu, Perplexagon 2016, English Version

Kebu, To Jupiter and Back

kebu_promo_2 got again a highlight. This time we spoke with Sebastian Teir, well known under his artist name “KEBU”!

KEBU might be in Germany, Switzerland and Austria known to a smaller audience. But he had several appearances in Scandinavian TV shows, more than 5 million views on his one YouTube Channel. He is awarded with a 7th place at the “Schallwellepreis” 2012, category “Best International Album”.

His releases  “To Jupiter and back”, the EP “Deep Blue” and the new Album “Perplexagon” bridges the early music from  Giorgio Moroder and Jean Michel Jarre to modern electronic music.

Kebu’s new album “Perplexagon” is on the way and he is coming for 3 gigs to Germany.
Lot to talk about. So asks for an interview.

We wish you lots of fun.

Thanks a lot Kebu for your time; we know that your schedule is fully packed, even more is grateful, and that you patently answer our questions

Hej Hej Kebu, how are you? What are you working on?

Hej på dig, tackar som frågar! It’s a busy period – I’m finalizing a new album, called „Perplexagon“, and I’m arranging for its release. At the same time, I’m trying to organize a small tour in Northern Europe – it’s the first time for me that I will be performing outside Finland and Sweden.

Your Music build a bridge from the Seventhies and the Eighties to present, your repertoire contains well known classic cover versions from that period, as well as own compositions. You are scoring a Swedish language science radio show in Finland. Besides Kebu, you are keyboarder in the Finnish Progressive Metal Band “Kouzin Bedlam”. How do you balance that?

Thanks for noticing, that is actually what I’m trying to do as Kebu – I’m trying to further develop the melodic synthesizer music that had its peak in the eighties but kind of died out and gave way to club-oriented electro. I actually started working on my music as Kebu while we were recording the debut album for Kouzin Bedlam, which was a long project that lasted six years – we ended up completely redoing the album after the first three years when we got a new producer. Until that, I had also been the mixing engineer for the album, but when I was relieved of that duty I got some time to work on my own music. But it is not easy to both try to make music on a professional level AND have a full-time job. During daytime I’m a researcher and project manager related to energy technologies. Somehow, I also end up doing the work of a project manager in the bands I’ve been playing with. Lately, I’ve started to realize that I much rather do something myself instead of organizing something for others to do. That was one reason for why I started to do make music on my own, because then I could do it 100% according to my own vision, and I did not have any time tables to worry about. By doing my own music as Kebu I also rediscovered the joy in making music. I think this joy is also coming through in my music and live performances. The creators of the science program Kvanthopp liked my music and asked me to do the sound track for their radio show, so the sound track I did is almost like an unreleased Kebu EP. But like I said, it is not easy to balance it all. Right now, I’m taking a break from Kouzin Bedlam so that I can focus on my next Kebu album and the upcoming tour. In 2017, I will be taking a break from work, so that I can focus on music 100% of my time.

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  1. Profilbild
    • Profilbild
      TobyB RED

      Hallo Peter,

      ich muss gestehen, das ich Kebu nun auch noch nicht so lange kenne und ich ihn bis dahin musikalisch gar nicht auf dem Schirm hatte. Zum anderen war ich sehr angenehm überrascht das Kebu meine Interviewanfrage positiv beantwortet hat.
      Konzeptionell finde ich seinen Spagat sehr gut. Er ist derzeit einer der wenigen die eine Grätsche zwischen Old Skool und Cluborientierter Musik hinbekommen. Sei es nun in seinen Interpretationen oder den Eigenkompositionen. Was ich persönlich Schade finde, das man reicht weit fahren muss, um ihn live zu sehen. Wir hatten versucht einen Veranstaltungsort im Rhein Main Gebiet zu finden, so das Kebu auch weiter südlich auftritt. Ohne Erfolg.

      • Profilbild
        pmm AHU

        Hallo Toby,

        Ich bin vor einiger Zeit zufällig auf ihn gestossen und mich hat seine Leichtigkeit und Spielfreude beeindruckt. Den Spagat bekommt er in der Tat gut hin.


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Interview: Kebu, Perplexagon 2016, English Version

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